Three Ways to Make Money Online Without Significant Investment

Touted as a great leveler, the internet has a world of opportunities to make money. In fact, if you’re running a company without an online presence, then you should start planning on how your business can have one, given that the future may all be about the internet, if the trends happening in technology today are anything to go by, that is. And don’t get me wrong on this; online businesses have not come to replace land-based corporations. However, making your business known to the world via the internet is increasingly becoming essential. For those who have decided to make money online but don’t have millions of dollars to float big companies, here are three ways to prove that you can make money without spending any.

Blogging: Are you an expert in any field, whether business, health, law, or gardening, and want to share your knowledge with other people? A blog provides an excellent medium through which you can share your expertise with thousands, if not millions of people worldwide. With so many free blogging tools out there, you don’t have to worry about where you will find funds to get your blog up and running. The best approach is to stick to one area of expertise and write passionately about it. This way, you will build a loyal readership, which will enable you to make money. Asking yourself how you can monetize your blog? Affiliate marketing, adverts, and Google AdSense, etc.

Affiliate marketing: While we’re tempted to look at affiliate marketing as a stand-alone way of making money online here, (it is such a broad concept), we will instead look at it in relation to blogging so that you can get the best understanding of how it works. Let’s say you have a blog, which you want to monetize through affiliate marketing. Online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart could be the best place to start. Once you’re sure your blog has enough traffic and everything it needs to partner with any of these stores, don’t waste time. Each product on these stores has a unique link that you can embed in your blog posts to receive a certain percentage of the sale when a customer buys the product through that link. It is that simple. And while there are many forms of affiliate marketing, this is one of the most common ones.

Online videos: If you love the internet (and I suspect you do), you may have visited YouTube of late to watch a video. Yes, YouTube is one of the most popular content streaming sites globally, with its users standing at billions, so starting your own YouTube channel is a no-brainer. Fill the channel with engaging content, and you can be sure people will watch. What can stop you from making bucks once you have a viral video? Take advantage of ad revenue and grow your bankroll.

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