3 Money-saving Ideas for Startups

Starting a new business is a huge undertaking. Despite this, more than 4 million new business owners take a shot at following their dreams every year. A detailed business plan is not enough to make it. It takes grit, determination, and know-how. With business expenses rising, professionals look for every opportunity available to help keep their company’s finances in the black. Consider these three tips for helping an entrepreneur save money.

Buy Used Equipment

Computers prices are skyrocketing. A new business owner could spend thousands to sufficiently outfit their new office with the most efficient and effective electronic systems. Luckily, secondary markets like mresell.com.au offer entrepreneursrefurbished, quality Apple products, which come with a warranty. It’s the best of both worlds. Owners receive the Mac, iPad, or other reliable Apple products of their dreams, without breaking the budget. When the office looks like a state-of-the-art business enterprise, top-notch surroundings will surely impress new clients and employees. Refurbished products have little wear and tear, so no one has to know that the company computer systems are second hand.

Research Transition-to-Work Programs

Some federal, state and local government programs offer work opportunity programs for the elderly and citizens transitioning to work. For a business owner, this extra assistance is valuable. Entrepreneurs can try out workers who are paid by the government. It’s a win-win situation. The worker has an opportunity to learn what it takes to succeed in an office environment. The business owner gets free labor, while figuring out which potential employees work best in the new company environment. Reach out to local non-profits responsible for transition-to-work programs. Schedule interviews. Pick the candidates who meet the company’s requirements. Imagine starting your first day in business with several employees and no payroll.

Focus on Big Business

The only way to save money is to make money. Small business owners often focus on business-to-consumer marketing. It’s a revenue-generating opportunity for sure. However, don’t overlook large corporations. Corporate buyers have money to spend. Send some emails. Set up meetings. Give presentations. Secure the contract. It’s that simple. Once a business owner impresses a Fortune 500 corporate client with superior products or services, they will have a much better chance of receiving repeat business.

Fortunately, most corporate professionals who are authorized to order products and services have access to a corporate credit card. Don’t hesitate to put credit card payments in the contract. It’ll save accounting the trouble of having to track down an invoice. Remember your ABCs, always be selling. Don’t stop marketing after securing the first few clients. Repeat the process. Hire additional workers, and watch company revenue soar.

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